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2 years ago

Guardian Information! Both of those Storm and Earth, PvE and PvP

Hi absolutely everyone here nowadays I’m intending to share to you what I have learnt in CBT about Guardian each storm and earth so that you really don't make the same miscalculation as I do in OBT

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First of all yes I've reached lvl 60 and possess attempted infinite dungeon solo 6 instances in overall up to now


Overview of Guardian Course

Guardian MP bar is named Vitality in this particular server which happens to be attained by way of using basic attacks and vitality attaining competencies that's capped at 100 or when you have the passive for guardian storm it is one hundred twenty

Vitality will bit by bit decay as time passes if no spells is utilised


Before I start with Guardian course I have a shameless self marketing to make! I've built guides inside the past around the features from the games depending on Thai model and it can be seriously equivalent all over 90-95% similarity inside the video game play here's the url make use of the table of articles and seek for the topic you'd like to know more about


Initially I’d like to go over the Strengths and Weaknesses of Guardian class!


Storm Pros


Truly strong in PvP early amounts 42-59. It shines most at level 48! You could fundamentally 100 -> 0 Squishies with one combo at level forty eight

Definitely robust in killing mobs and finishing quests early amounts following obtaining lvl eighteen

Shines most at killing mobs in dungeons if there is a Key tank! You'll be able to adjust to earth as you achieve the bosses

Truly potent in 1v1 Duels! I’ve received the vast majority of my duels except for duels with Guardian Earth and Warrior Protectors


Storm Drawbacks


Type of falls off at lvl sixty in contrast to Earthguard (for CBT a minimum of cause there is no battlefield lvl 60 considering that not sufficient men and women queue up for it)

Not as desired as Guardian Earth (Unfortunately that’s so real)

Your fundamentally essentially the most squishy near range focus on with out EVA in battlefield

Squishy rating -> Archer (each types) -> Mage (Fire) -> Mage (Ice)/Rouges -> Guardian Storm -> Warrior Rage-> Guardian Earth/Protector Warrior


Earth Professionals

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Very nice farming mobs you may have a protect that has a 28 second settle down once you receive the mastery!

Can recover self and allies each individual two moment with seed of life (This really is function of off tank correct listed here given that it heals as percent max lifetime)

Not potion heavy as Guardian storm in solo infinite dungeons (lvl sixty)

Genuinely annoying in battlefield getting stage guard!

Superior in 1v1 duels if use spells accurately (you may have recover plus a shield and in addition a second shield when hp beneath 30% if time correctly can be utilized 2 times inside of a battle!


Earth Downsides


Dull and very long bossfights in solo dungeon…. Definitely your harm is mediocre compared to other lessons

Do not aspiration about acquiring MvP in battlefield as this course all you will be is actually a annoyance on the enemy team fundamentally a supportive part in blocking enemies to cap your place

If you do not have a very permanent guild or staff be ready to shoulder the potion price tag... if the the most crucial tank! POTIONS FOR LVL sixty are expensive @A@


Alright now to go into information about every single talent PvP and PvE!

Following publish might be about expertise and strategies!


Table OF Information

To start with write-up under this tends to be fundamentals techniques and making a storm guard

The write-up underneath that a person will likely be PvP Suggestions on storm guard

Next will be the basic capabilities for earth guard

Last but not least the PvP Suggestions for earth guard

2 years ago

EOS: Bastion of Cork Dungeon Guideline

This is actually the fourth solo dungeon from the set. This dungeon is nearly a tower protection setup. You're experiencing off towards numerous waves of enemies. The real trick to this dungeon is preparing. Be sure you have plenty of therapeutic objects before entering into.


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You will discover three stages. Just about every stage starts by conversing to Cork Leader Ullman. I'll listing all a few phases under.


Stage 1:


Stage just one is really a basic put in place of multiple waves of enemies. It really is basic providing you do not pull aggro on much too many of the monsters at the same time. Just eliminate all the things, if the NPCs reset to their original positions discuss to Ullman once again to initiate phase 2.

Stage two:


Just after initiating stage two the NPCs will go on the southern stage from the home. Right here you can expect to facial area off in opposition to numerous waves of enemies once more. Exact same preliminary sense as phase one. Phase 2 ends with all the Guardian Lizard manager. In ordinary mode it is fairly uncomplicated but it really receives a charge attack in Hero manner.


Just after the manager dies you might want to go wipe out the south pillar. There exists practically nothing that actually lets you know this, and when the NPCs just take far too considerably hurt they just sit there. However, for those who kill it quickly enough, one or more NPCs will operate to your pillar and assistance demolish it. Following that, the NPCs reset for their first positions yet again.

Stage 3:


Chatting to Cork Leader Ullman a person more time will commence stage 3. Yaru the Destroyer won't truly do something specific. He hits difficult, has an interruptible assault and summons a bunch of wolf adds at 50% wellness. His assault sample isn't going to transform in Hero method. After you get rid of Yaru, you must damage the central pillar to complete the dungeon.


That wraps up my Bastion of Cork solo dungeon manual, make sure to examine out more from EOS in my guide listing. Any opinions, thoughts, or issues is usually remaining while in the area underneath.


2 years ago

EOS - Soul Procedure Manual

The soul process in EOS is utilised to provide gamers with huge buffs with rather tiny work. When a player kills a monster, they obtain a single chaos soul. These chaos souls are collected routinely, and they are positioned from the player’s Soul Satchel. as a top game products store, we can meet you with cheap eos gold. we offer cheapest eos gold with 15 minutes delivery.

Within the Soul Satchel, the black orb demonstrates the quantity of chaos souls the participant at this time possesses and the max total they can hold. Over that, you'll see the 4 styles of purified souls: Hope, Innocence, Courage, and Peace. Players can completely transform their chaos souls into a single of such four purified souls via two procedures:


Technique Just one - Solo Purification


In no way, ever, ever use this method. Severely. It is half as economical since the next system available to gamers. Nevertheless, ought to you not treatment, you’re welcome to solo purify your chaos souls. To complete this, in case you are in close proximity to a Soul Sanctum (you could normally discover just one exactly where waypoints can be found), click on around the soul purification button about the bottom in the Soul Satchel. For every two chaos souls you've got, this will likely provide you one particular random purified soul.


Process Two - Co-op Purification


This is certainly the only real process it is best to at any time use. Instead of applying two chaos souls to acquire one purified soul, as you do with solo purification, you can in its place get a purified soul for each chaos soul that you simply possess.


To do this, you are going to need to discover a further player. You don’t want for being at a Soul Sanctum while you do for solo purification, and this can be achieved any where while in the earth. When you finally have found a further player, find them, and afterwards right-click their name bar that appears on the best of your respective screen.



The underside solution in that menu is co-op purification. Click that. Once you do, you might see a timer ticking on the monitor waiting for another player to accept. At the time they’ve recognized your request for co-op purifcation, you might see the pursuing display screen.


If the proper side in the display screen is orange, which means that the partner Is looking ahead to you to hit the purify button. On the other hand, if it is not orange, which means your companion will require to hit the purify button prior to deciding to can progress. (You may also strike the purify button before the other participant, which would turn your facet orange.)


Following that, you are going to begin to see the benefits monitor! Your souls are now purified, and you've got double the quantity you should have had you used solo purification! (Notice: It'll only purify as quite a few souls while you as well as the other player have. So, for example, when you have 120 nevertheless the other participant has fifty, it can only purify fifty. You’ll need to have to go come across one more player to co-op purify with.)


2 years ago

How EOS Handles Dungeons in a very Healer-Less Video game

Online games currently are already aiming to crack the “healer, tank, DPS” cycle, with various amounts of good results. One example is, Guild Wars 2 technically does have healers, even though there is not anything that is definitely setup only for that role. EOS could be the most current recreation to join this idea of a healer-less recreation, but it’s quite a bit various than the usual great deal of players may assume. After dealing with the main team dungeon, factors begin to turn into a large amount much more crystal clear, and you begin to get a greater knowledge the strengths and weaknesses of this participate in style.

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EOS has dungeon queuing for each usual dungeons and raids alike. The setups vary involving the 2 as follows:


• Dungeon: 1x Tank, 4x DPS


• Raid: 3x Tanks, 17x DPS


What you are going to detect listed here is always that it’s just tanks and DPS - you'll find no healers. As well as basis for this is often that technically, every person is actually a healer. But how does this get the job done? By way of using consumables.


Consumables for Healing


There are actually a few distinct consumables that do the job for therapeutic: bandages (for therapeutic away from combat), potions (for self-healing while in beat) and scrolls (for therapeutic your self or some others in overcome). From the case of dungeons, the 2 most applied would be the potions plus the scrolls. Therefore the standard strategy operates similar to this:


• Tank pulls a mob


• Tank utilizes potions to help keep their HP up


• Other players use scrolls to help heal tank as needed, likewise as other folks during the group/raid


Primarily, what this setup of consumables does is allow for all gamers to the two recover them selves and heal other people. In essence, absolutely everyone is able to support heal the tank.

2 years ago

PvE Farming

Earth Guardian is perfect in making $_$, adding to the collector profession you may become a currency

generating martial lord.

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Tip: Avoid Mobs that uses long range attacks. If a mob/s can crack your shield within 10seconds then

avoid that mob/s or decrease the mobbing quantity. Also avoid mobs that uses abilities that result in talent

cancellation, like knock back, knock down, stun etc. In short look for dumb mobs, lucky for you theres a

good deal of them in this game lolz


Farming Ability Rotation

ALWAYS remember to make sure that your Earthly Threat ability is active.

Also Dont Forget about the Tanking Skill Rotation

1: Use Luring Abilities Even by way of you may lure aggressive monsters just by passing on their detection

selection, you can use Earthly Shackle and or Energetic Roar as this expertise are long variety and to each lure

the enemies and generate vitality and save some time too. Also even though mobbing you may easily gain more

than adequate vitality to inflict and use your AoE DPS techniques.

2: Immediately after collecting the desired numbers of mobs, cast Stone Skin.

3: Then cast Soul Stone Strength (3% attack 3 attack comes very far in the long run). sometimes you

find loads of mobs compacted on a certain array that is inside the assortment of the soul stone. As long as

you see the soul stone buff then no need to recast this talent.

4: Cast Energetic Roar whenever its available. Always.

5: Cast Vital Surge if your vitality is 80

six: Cast Clinted Fang whenever its available. this ability possess a great amount of damage and pretty low


7: Cast Seismic Shock whenever Flinted Fang or Vital Surge is not available. This is your secondary

vitality farming ability aside from Energetic Roar. Its the rice in your chicken curry.


Final Note: Earth Guardian or any Guardian can choose between Earth or Storm armor sets. In the event you want to

increase your defense and survival capabilities then go with your Earth 8 piece armor set. One of the

major advantage of an Earth 8 piece armor set is the -20% Cooldown on stone skin. Should you want to

increase your DPS then it is possible to go full Storm set or mix 6 piece storm with earth guardian armor set.


In thai im farming 200 gems tons of stuff with out using a single pot for 5hours , if i can do it then

you can do it too.


Why Earth Guardians Doesnt Need Taunt: My guild mates in Thai are always wondering why i can keep the

boss and mob attention on me without the need of even using the taunt talent. For me its useless dung, if this talent

effect final for at the very least thirty seconds then i might consider, but 3 seconds is duh meh ugh 3 seconds past

and the mobs will still focus on whoever they think is more tastier. As long as you use Earthly Risk

Earthen Wrath Flinted Fang Vital Surge Seismic Shock Soul Stone Storm Guard 6pcs armor set

(optional) then your damage and threat is more than sufficient to keep the boss and its subs salivating for

your flesh.


2 years ago

EOS Courses Guideline


Job: Sustained Melee Injury / Group Defender

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The Warrior in EOS is not any distinct than what you’d anticipate finding in an Mmo. THe warrior is really a learn at sustained injury and sustaining everyday living inside of a team-fight. The warrior has chosen to embrace the cause of the Gods with potent assaults and defensive attributes. His specializations incorporate the Berserker, which make his attacks fill with rage and inflict extra damage, or even the Protector that makes the Warrior a trustworthy tank and shields his allies during the heat of battle.



Part: Ranged Hurt / Help


The Archer is actually a former member of a nomadic tribe known for adrenaline and experience. The archer usually takes on her enemies with both equally a bow and new music. Of course, she will be performed for a huntress or maybe a bard. To be a huntress she is going to inflict continuous destruction with deadly rapidly attacks and extensive selection arrows, though being a bard she can sing tunes that both aid her allies or weaken their enemies.



Position: Burst Melee Damage / Melee Damage-over-Time


The Rogue in EOS is usually a fiercely skilled fighter who slashes enemies together with the quickness. Poisons and also other contaminants tip his blades which leaves everyone in his wake paralyzed and ready to be completed off by his allies. His specializations consist of the Duelist, which supplies his a mastery of explosives and critical attacks, though his Assassin specialization gives poisons to his weapons, which weakens the victims and inflicts damage as time passes.



Part: Spot of Outcome Destruction / Secondary Defender


The Guardian draws their strength through the strength and ferocity of mother nature. They strike their enemies with earth-based assaults like thunder and lightning. Guardians might also get well existence with their assaults which make them tough to defeat in addition to a important ally in any bash. Their Stormguard specialization infuses them with strong attacks and weakens the defenses, while their Earthguard specialization proved protection for his or her celebration and utilizes shock waves to destabilize her enemies.



Role: Burst Magic Problems / Crowd Manage


The Sorceress seems innocent, but she cannot be reliable. She's a learn of highly effective magic and leaves a wake of damage to everything that stands in her route. She can summon spells of fireplace or ice and inflict plenty of damage to her enemies. Her Firemage specialization offers her huge offensive power with magic, though her Frostmage specialization blesses her with icy attack techniques which hinders her enemies movements.



2 years ago

What exactly are Souls in EOS?

Souls essentially have two roles in EoS: they are utilized like a materials (for Soul Industry experts) and as being a form of self-buffing. With the previous, they help craft different gems, and for the latter there are four distinct buffs, depending over the soul type: as a top game products store, we can meet you with cheap eos gold. we offercheapest eos goldwith 15 minutes delivery.

Hope: Improves CRIT ACC, Piercing, ATK SPD, Casting Velocity, and EXP received

Innocence: Will increase DEF, PvP DEF, and EXP received

Braveness: Will increase ATK, ATK SPD, Casting SPD, and EXP acquired

Peace: Boosts Max HP, lifts Motion Proscribing Consequences, grants immunity to Motion Limiting Effects, and improves EXP acquired

These buffs previous for 30 seconds, and can be utilised after just about every 2 minutes (by selecting the equipped a person on the still left from the hotbar, less than the hotkey “T”). This tends to make them valuable both in PvE and PvP, but timing their utilization is important because there’s at the least 90 seconds in between wherever the buff will not be lively. It is also really worth noting there are diverse levels for every from the competencies, and practical experience to the subsequent degree is gained by making use of every buff ability. One example is, attending to degree two requires using a buff 86 times (to achieve a complete of 172 encounter).

It is also truly worth noting that each soul purified grants some rested knowledge, however it ordinarily is not more than enough for making an enormous difference. Having said that, it is still a no cost bonus so there’s no draw back.